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Food You Can Enjoy After Dental Implant Treatment

Food You Can Enjoy After Dental Implant Treatment

One of the best things about dental implants in Kearny Mesa is your ability to eat your favorite foods again.

What to Eat Right After Dental Implants (in Kearny Mesa)

If you’re still in your “recovery” phase immediately after having your dental implants installed, you’ll want to modify your diet, temporarily at least. Especially if you had multiple implants placed, bone grafting, gum grafting, or sinus lift surgery.

When in doubt, stick to softer textures of foods and work your way from there. It’s best to avoid anything too hot, spicy, carbonated, or alcoholic beverages while your mouth is healing. If you don’t, it can delay your healing time and affect how well your dental implants integrate.

For the first week or two, choose softer foods like oatmeal, mashed potatoes, soups, yogurt, and things similar to those textures.

Foods You Can Eat with Dental Implants

Our dentist in Kearny Mesa wants you to know that you can treat your dental implants exactly like natural teeth. That means once your implant treatment is complete, you can eat whatever you want (within reason, of course!)

If you’ve had missing teeth or been wearing dentures, you’ve probably had to take certain food items off your can-eat list. Like corn on the cob, certain textures of bread, steak, apples, carrots, or even sugar-free chewing gum. It can be hard to eat a healthy, balanced diet when your teeth aren’t able to break down fresh vegetables or whole grains.

Fortunately, dental implants change all of that. Their biting integrity is even stronger than that of healthy, natural teeth. In other words, nothing is off the menu! You can bite right into an apple, take normal-sized bites of meat, or enjoy French bread with your family around the table.

With the freedom to eat healthier and more nutrient-dense foods, you’ll probably find that you can establish better wellness and energy levels in the future. Plus, the bone support that dental implants provide will help delay premature aging in your facial features.

What Not to Eat with Dental Implants

The main thing to remember about dental implants is that, just like natural teeth, they aren’t “tools” you use. So don’t use your teeth (or implants) to tear open packages, bite your nails, or hold things in your mouth during projects. All it takes is biting down wrong, slipping, or biting into something too many times to chip a tooth or crown.

Along those lines, it’s also a smart idea to sleep in a nightguard if you’re prone to clenching or grinding your teeth. This protective appliance will reduce any extra strain on your teeth and implants to prolong their overall lifespan.

Don’t Rush Things Too Quickly

Your new dental implants will need some time to integrate with the bone that’s holding them in place. The integration process takes around three to six months, depending on the individual and their level of health. Once your implants are completely integrated, our dentist in Kearny Mesa will attach the final fixed prosthesis to the top of your implant. If you had to modify your diet slightly while wearing a temporary “tooth”, placement of the permanent restoration will give you more biting and chewing abilities.

When in doubt, it’s always best to ask us about what to eat during each phase of your implant treatment. Rest assured that at the completion of your smile reconstruction, you’ll be able to eat whatever it is you want to.

Who Does Dental Implants in My Area?

Our experienced implant dentist in Kearny Mesa offers single, multiple teeth, and full arch dental implant treatments. Landmark Dental Arts oversees the entire implant process from start to finish, making your smile reconstruction easier and more convenient.

To find out where to get dental implants in Kearny Mesa, all you have to do is call Landmark Dental Arts. Contact us today to reserve a no-obligation consultation.


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