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How Do I Know When I Need to Add a Dental Crown?

How Do I Know When I Need to Add a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns in Kearny Mesa are special restorations that protect the entire portion of your tooth above the gumlines. Sometimes called “caps”, crowns offer added reinforcement for teeth that are too structurally damaged to withstand everyday wear. The types of dental crowns offered by our dentist in Kearny Mesa are tailored to enhance both aesthetics and performance of your overall smile.

When Will our Dentist in Kearny Mesa Recommend a Crown?

Crowns are typically recommended if your tooth has:

  • Large cavities
  • Aging, large metal fillings
  • Recent root canal treatment
  • Significant cracks or fractures
  • Aggressive signs of wear

…or is being replaced with a single tooth dental implant. The crown will serve as the “tooth” on top of your tooth replacement.

Although our dentist in Kearny Mesa always strives to select a minimally invasive treatment alternative like fillings, that may not always be an option. Crowns protect your tooth from every angle, allowing you to bite and chew without risk of fractures.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Kearny Mesa

Today’s types of dental crowns are typically crafted from highly durable yet attractive ceramics. From porcelain to zirconia, these ceramics can withstand everyday biting and chewing while looking amazing at the same time. We will specifically dictate the size, contour, and color of your dental crowns (in Kearny Mesa) to ensure the best aesthetic results possible.

Once your treatment is complete, you’ll be able to smile confidently knowing that your teeth are both healthy and attractive.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Depending on the type of dental crowns you select, the biggest benefits are that they allow you to retain normal function of your smile without detracting from its appearance. Landmark Dental Arts will carefully dictate the planning of your restoration so that it blends seamlessly with the other teeth in your mouth. When you’re eating, brushing, or smiling, you won’t have to change anything about your normal routine.

Without dental crowns, we wouldn’t have options for treating significantly damaged teeth. The only choice would be to extract the tooth and replace it altogether. Although treatments like bridges and dental implants serve a significant role in cosmetic dentistry, crowns provide a minimally invasive alternative. Our top priority is preserving your natural tooth whenever possible.

When Veneers Aren’t an Option

If you’re undergoing a smile makeover or other cosmetic dentistry in Kearny Mesa, you know that porcelain veneers are a top choice. But not everyone qualifies or has teeth healthy enough to get dental veneers. If your tooth is significantly fractured or has physical deformities, you need added protection around the entire structure. That’s where porcelain crowns come in.

Unlike veneers—which only mask the front of your teeth—a dental crown covers each surface up to the gumlines. The protective layer isn’t just functional. Our San Diego dentist can also specifically dictate how it will look. The end aesthetic results provide excellent cosmetic dentistry options for people searching for a practical smile makeover.

Getting a Professional Opinion

Choosing to get a dental crown is a process that will require a careful exam and X-ray of your tooth. This digital image will allow us to see into your tooth structure to analyze any damage that’s not visible to the naked eye. When structural damage—such as wear, cavities, or fractures—extends so far that a filling simply cannot patch it over, a dental crown is the next practical step in restoration.

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