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Teeth Whitening: What’s Involved?

Teeth Whitening: What’s Involved?

When you want to take your smile to the next level, we can accommodate amazing smile makeovers. Each service is tailored to address your main concerns and goals. Our dentist in Kearny Mesa offers professional teeth whitening near you, to help your smile look brighter, younger, and healthier without any extra treatments.

How it Works

When you whiten your teeth with a professional like our dentist in Kearny Mesa, you get access to concentrated products that safely lift stains and brighten your natural tooth enamel in less time.

For best results, you need custom-fitted trays that hug your teeth tightly and keep the gel against your enamel. Professional kits are made by taking a mold of your teeth, providing maximum contact while also allowing you to use the least amount of whitening gel.

Simply wear your trays as directed and within 10-14 days your smile will be its brightest. Most people wear their whitening trays about an hour a day, while others sleep in them overnight. If your teeth are a little sensitive, consider wearing the kit every other day instead. Using sensitivity toothpaste can also be helpful.

Keep in mind that whitening gels will only brighten your tooth enamel. They do not bleach dental work like fillings or crowns. If you have restorations in the front of your smile, they will stay the same color. If you plan to have them updated soon, whitening your teeth beforehand is an excellent choice.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the most cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment. Compared to over-the-counter kits, your custom whitening tray and gel will deliver faster and safer results, preventing the need to buy new kits every few months. Simply store any leftover gel in your refrigerator and touch up whenever you need to.

To keep your smile bright, we recommend touching up for a few days after every dental cleaning. Even if you need to purchase a refill tube of gel from our office every year or two, it typically costs less than competitor brands you see in stores and online. Plus, it’s stronger, so it works better.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth naturally pick up stain and discoloration over time. For those of us who love coffee, tea, or red wine, the staining can be darker than others. Since we have an effective method of teeth whitening, you can easily lift those stain particles to help your smile look its best.

Whitening is non-invasive to teeth, so there’s no long-term commitment or need to maintain dental work. You simply brighten your smile and touch up whenever or wherever you need to. It’s a cost-effective way to help your teeth look their very best. No numbing, drilling, or reshaping of your teeth is required.

Is Whitening a Good Cosmetic Treatment?

One of the most cost-effective smile makeover options is professional teeth whitening. By safely erasing stain and discoloration from your teeth, whitening agents leave your enamel looking brighter than it has in years.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments are tailored to the individual. Choose a custom-fitted take-home kit and concentrated professional gel and whiten in the convenience of your own home. Professional teeth whitening offers amazing results for a dramatic—yet cost-effective—smile solution. Best of all, you can even pair your whitening with clear aligners or other cosmetic services for a more comprehensive smile makeover.

We only recommend whitening if you have teeth with no cavities or active gum disease. To make sure your smile is healthy enough for whitening, make sure to plan an exam and cleaning beforehand.

Call Our Dentist in Kearny Mesa

For teeth whitening in Kearny Mesa, look no further than Landmark Dental Arts. Having a quality cosmetic dentist near you helps navigate the smile makeover process, especially when you have various options to choose from (teeth whitening being one of them!)

Our cosmetic dentist in Kearny Mesa is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to reserve your no-obligation teeth whitening evaluation.


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